Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement (SURE) Award Application

The University Honors Program Sigelman Undergraduate Research Enhancement (SURE) Award seeks to promote and provide support to Honors students in their scientific, scholarly, and artistic endeavors. Any current Honors Program student who is engaged in research may compete for an individual grant of up to $500 to support his or her research activities. Funds will be available to support research activities conducted during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. This fund is made possible by a generous endowment from the George Washington University professors Carol and Lee Sigelman.

The Honors Program SURE Award is a special research opportunity reserved for Honors students.

Eligibility: Student applicants must be enrolled in the University Honors Program. Faculty mentors who support this application must be GW faculty.

Uses of the Awards: SURE Award recipients can use the funds for a variety of purposes related to scientific, scholarly, and artistic activity.

Required Reports: A brief report describing how this award was used is required by the end of the given semester.

Deadline: The Honors Program will announce the SURE Award deadlines to the Honors student body, primarily through our blog and newsletter. Students should check the Honors Program events and deadlines calendar for this year's deadline.

If you have questions about the SURE Award, please contact Brianna Crayton at [email protected]