Current First Year Student Application

Current students at the George Washington University who wish to apply to the University Honors Program must be in the second semester of their first year (rising sophomores). Admission is limited to approximately 15 exceptionally qualified applicants per year.

Before You Apply

Familiarize yourself with the Honors Program mission and curriculum. There are no minimum GPA requirements to apply, but please note that the Honors Program requires all students to maintain a GPA sufficient to graduate with a 3.0. Students admitted to the program after their first year are required to take HONR 2016 "Enlightenment East and West" in the fall semester of their sophomore year.

How to Apply

The deadline for Fall 2023 admission has closed. If you are interested in joining as a sophomore for the Fall 2024 cohort, please complete this form to receive information on the application when it becomes available in December 2023. 

Application Materials

  • An unofficial PDF transcript from the GW through the Registrar’s office. Unofficial transcripts are free and can be requested here. Course history transcripts or screenshots will not be accepted. 
  • The name and email address of someone at GW who can speak to your personal and academic qualities (preferably a faculty member) and is willing to support your application to the UHP. This person must be a faculty or staff member at GW. Before you provide us with their contact information, please inform this individual that the UHP will be sending them a brief evaluation form in lieu of a recommendation letter. 
  • A one page résumé.
  • An updated four-year planthat includes all required Honors courses for sophomore admits (there are 7 courses total; HONR 2016 must be taken in the first semester of your sophomore year). 
  • A writing sample of approximately 5 pages.  Your writing sample should be from graded work completed at GW, though you are free to modify your sample from the version you submitted to your professor.  The writing sample may be a complete work or an excerpt (must meet the page limit criteria).
  • Written responses to the items below
    1. What role would the UHP play in shaping your intellectual curiosity? (300 words max)
    2. Choose from one of the following (500 words max)
      • Write a letter to a figure of importance to you (scholar, artist, activist, scientist, politician, etc.).  
      • Describe an event in your life, a person, or an experience (choose one) that has had a profound effect on you. How has it influenced change in you, your attitudes, and/or goals?