Request a Research Assistant

All GW faculty members can advertise Research Assistant (RA) opportunities to students in the University Honors Program. Faculty must submit descriptions of research projects along with desired student qualifications. Students will apply for the position by submitting a statement of interest and résumé directly to the faculty member and faculty will select the student from the applicant pool. If you are a full-time GW faculty member, you can also allow students to earn academic credit through the Honors Program.

By advertising a RA opportunity to students in the Honors Program, faculty agree to:

  • Provide substantive research related assignments to student research assistants.
  • Provide student research assistants with a written evaluation of their work. 
  • Submit a grade (letter or P/NP) through the Honors Program for student's research work (if you are full-time GW faculty member and offering academic credit through the Honors Program).


Describe the research project, methods, and goals.
Describe the specific responsibilities and duties of your research assistant.
Number of Research Assistants needed for this project.
Estimated amount of time an RA should expect to commit per week.
If you are full-time faculty GW member, you have the option of offering academic credit to students through the Honors Program.
If you are willing to offer the RA opportunity for credit, we encourage you to use the following guidelines: 1 credit= 1-3 hours/week; 2 credits= 3-5 hours/week; 3 credits= 5-7 hours/week; 4 credits=7+ hours/week
Posting Length
Research Assistantships will stay advertised on our website for either a 6 or 12 month period, unless the posting faculty member reaches out to us via email ([email protected]) requesting its removal. Please select your preferred posting length below: