Contract Courses

Contract courses are special courses provided by the Honors Program to allow students to receive academic credit for interning, completing an independent research project, or assistant a faculty member with research. These courses are founded on a contract between three parties: the student who does the work, the faculty member who supervises and assigns the grade, and the Honors Program which offers the credit. All Honors Contract courses must be registered through a Registration Transaction or RTF-EZ form (PDF) and be accompanied by a signed Honors Contract (PDF) and proposal. Both forms should be brought to the Honors Program once completed for processing.

Planning a Contract Course

A student hoping to complete one of these opportunities for credit must first approach a faculty member to supervise their work. It is at the discretion of the factuly to determine if an opportunity is appropriate for a contract course. Should the faculty member agree to participate, the student and faculty member must generate a short description (no more than two pages) of their proposed course that contains the same information a syllabus would: meeting schedule, workload and responsibilities, due dates, and method of evaluation. This description should be attached to the Honors Contract.

For all contract courses that received a letter grade, students and faculty should meet regularly and at least ten times during the course of the semester, though an exact schedule need not be submitted. A contract course should involve an appropriate amount of work for the number of credits it offers, though the nature of that work and the details of the projects involved should be determined by faculty and student.

Lastly, the student must submit a copy of the final product of the contract course to the Honors office by the end of the final examination period. Credit for the Honors course contract will not be assigned without submittal of this paper to our office. Students with questions about contract courses should contact an Honors Program Officer.

Who Should Take These

Anyone who is interested.

Honors Internship

Professor Chosen by Student
HONR 2182:10 - 0 to 4 Credits
CRN: 25978

Course Description: Please see an Honors Advisor for further information.

Honors Undergraduate Research

Professor Chosen by Student
HONR 2184:10 - 0 to 4 credits
CRN: 25979

Course Description:The Honors Program gives credit for independent study work completed in cooperation with a professor. Each student needs a faculty member to oversee his or her project and assign a grade. The student and the professor must meet at least ten times during the semester.

Honors Research Assistantship

Professor Chosen by Student
HONR 2185:10 - 0 to 4 credits
CRN: 21611

Course Description: Students pursuing a directed research project in collaboration with a faculty advisor may receive credit for the project with Honors Program approval. Students participating will be actively engaged in the scholarly research of the supervising faculty member.