Senior Thesis

By the end of their senior year, students will complete a Senior Thesis.  The Senior Thesis can be taken either semester and does not need to be taken at the same time as the Honors Capstone

A Senior Thesis is broadly defined as a substantial work of independent scholarship that culminates in a written product, presentation, or performance.The fundamental goal of a Senior Thesis is to develop students’ intellectual self-determination and self-efficacy. A thesis must be student-driven meaning that the student is responsible for developing the research question (or appropriate equivalent), determining the plan of action, and carrying out the required work. The student’s faculty advisor serves as a subject matter expert who supports and encourages the student – and is responsible for evaluating (grading) the final product – but the advisor must not dictate the topic or process. 

There are various ways that students can fulfill this Honors requirement: 

Option #1 - Departmental Thesis

In lieu of HONR 4198, Honors students can satisfy this requirement by enrolling in a qualifying departmental course. A qualifying departmental course is one that requires students to engage independently in a substantial work of scholarship (as opposed to completing a standard term paper or project on an instructor-assigned topic). These departmental courses include but are not limited to those entitled "Undergraduate Research," "Senior Thesis," or "Independent Study." Please note that only full-time GW faculty members can serve as the faculty advisor for the senior thesis. To verify enrollment in an alternative Senior Thesis course, students must complete a Senior Thesis Verification Form by the specified deadline.

Option #2 - HONR 4198 (Honors Senior Thesis course)

Honors students will take HONR 4198 (Honors Senior Thesis course) unless they are completing a departmental thesis. Students have the option of completing this thesis with any full-time GW faculty member on any topic of interest. The product (“deliverable”) of each thesis depends significantly on the field in which the work is being conducted and might include traditional research/analysis papers, the completion of lab work, or the development of computer programs, performances, or exhibitions. In order to be enrolled in HONR 4198, students must complete an Senior Thesis Honors Contract by the specified deadline.

Option #3 - Honors Service Project or Entrepreneurship Senior Thesis Option 

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Option #4 - Enosinian Scholars Program

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 You can find more information of the Honors Senior Thesis requirement in the Senior Thesis Information PacketIf you have questions, please contact an Honors Program Advisor.