Honors Housing

West Hall

Honors freshmen can choose to live together in an Honors living community in West Hall on the Mount Vernon Campus. About half of Honors freshmen live in this community, while the rest live in residence halls all across campus.

The Honors living community provides opportunities for like-minded students to live near each other in one of the newest residence halls at the George Washington University.

First semester Origins classes are all taught on the Mount Vernon Campus, making the Vern a convenient living location.

Request to Live in West Hall

Incoming freshmen will be able to select to live in the West Hall Honors housing community when applying to live in GW housing. Students will receive email notification from the GW Housing office with application instructions and deadlines. When completing the application, students will be able to select the West Hall Honors Program affinity. Any questions about applying to live in the Honors freshman housing community should be directed to the GW Housing office for the most updated and accurate information.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can also choose to live together in a Honors community during the housing application process. Specific dates and processes to apply vary, so read your Honors newsletter every week.