2022-2023 UHP SURE Award Recipients



Alexis Carmine

Research Project Title: Ultrasound Modulation of Circadian Rhythm

Major: Biomedical Engineering


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Anais Fang

Research Project Title: The Effect of Education Initiatives on National Identity and the State of Peace in the Taiwan Strait

Major: International Affairs (Asia Studies concentration)


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Anne Joseph

Research Project Title: "No Safe Place" A Musical

Majors: English and Music


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Anuka Upadhye

Research Project Title: Intersectional Impacts of Climate Change on Rural
Women in Maharashtra, India

Major: International Affairs (International Environmental Studies concentration)


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Caitlin Garrett

Research Project Title: Pharyngeal Morphology of Invasive Carp Species

Major:  Biology (General Biology concentration)


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Caleb Auerbach

Research Project Title: COVID’S Impact on the Communcations, Practices And Goals of Religiously Affiliated Student Organizations

Major: Political Communication


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Gabriel Young

Research Project Title: Politics, Policy, & Puto: Philippine-Americans’ Political Identity

Majors: Political Science (Public Policy Focus); International Affairs (International Politics concentration)


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Grace Hallam


Research Project Title: Hamilton’s Rule in Artificial Families

Major: Special Interdisciplinary - Sociobiology


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J.P. Infortuna

Research Project Title: The Evolution of the Benefit Concert as a Means of Musician Advocacy

Major: Political Communication


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John Fine

Research Project Title: One Nation under Myth: Understanding Presidential Rhetoric through American Mythology

Major: Political Communication


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Peri Wivell

Research Project Title: Characterizing Macrophage Populations in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Major: Biology (Cellular and Molecular concentration)


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Priscilla Pang

Research Project Title: Sensory-Dependent Development of Parvalbumin in Thalamic Reticular Cells

Major: Neuroscience


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Sana Hafiz

Research Project Title: Investigating Fibroblasts in Wound Healing

Major: Public Health


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