Research Assistants

To promote original or creative intellectual contributions by talented undergraduates, the University Honors Program provides qualified and motivated Honors students with opportunities to participate in research assistance for academic credit with faculty around the university.

Faculty members submit to the Honors Program descriptions of research projects along with desired student qualifications. Faculty can submit a request for a research assistant here. Students apply to work on a project of interest, and faculty select the student from the applicant pool. The Honors Program oversees a satisfactory experience for both, and provides academic credit to the student through HONR 2185.

Students work with the Honors Program to discuss their goals and expectations and to register for academic credit for their research work. Students seeking three credit hours should expect to dedicate an average of six to nine hours a week, with the understanding that some weeks may be busier than others. Students seeking two credit hours should expect four to six hours a week, and those seeking one credit hour should expect between two and three hours a week.

After arranging for the research assistantship with the faculty, students must contact the Honors Program and fill out the Honors Contract form (pdf) to be registered. Faculty must sign the RTF-EZ and specify whether the course will be for a letter grade or pass/no pass. Students can see current listings for research assistants here.

If you have questions about research assistantships, please contact Ben Faulkner at [email protected]