Research Assistant Request

All George Washington faculty can advertise Research Assistant (RA) opportunities to students in the University Honors Program.

Students will apply for the position directly to the faculty member by submitting a statement of interest and résumé.

By advertising a RA opportunity to students in the Honors Program, faculty agree to:

  • Provide substantive research related assignments to student research assistants.
  • Provide student research assistants with a written evaluation of their work. 
  • Submit the written evaluation to the Honors Program.
  • Submit a grade (letter or P/NP) through the Honors Program for students’ research work (if work is done for credit).  
  • Before the end of the semester, faculty and student will submit to the Honors Program a photograph and a single ~250 word report on their accomplishments to be published in Honors Program materials.
  • The student research assistant(s) will evaluate faculty according to a rubric with results to be shared with faculty at a concluding meeting, and the evaluation will be submitted to the Honors Program.