Paul Leoni

Paul Leoni

Paul Leoni


Email: Paul Leoni

About Me: My name is Paul and I am from Northern California! Back home, I love mountain climbing in the Sierra Nevadas, backpacking on the coast, and camping in the Redwoods. Here, I enjoy visiting museums, running on the Mall, and mountain climbing in Shenandoah. Some of my favorite hobbies are photography, journaling, and hiking. Fun fact about me: I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Pronouns: He/Him

Major: Environmental and Sustainability Science

Extra-Curriculars: GW Alternative Breaks, GW TRAiLS, Club Tennis, Planet Forward

Research Experience: On campus, I am an undergraduate researcher in the Gedan Lab, a marine ecology lab studying sea level rise impacts on coastal marshes, farms, and forests in the Mid-Atlantic region. In the lab, I perform fieldwork and create science communication materials for publications, conferences, and grant proposals.

Fall Origins and Evolution of Modern Thought: Wisdom with Professor Ralkowski

Fall Scientific Reasoning and Discovery: Energy with Professor Kung