Nicky Cacchione

Peer Advisor
[email protected]

Nicky Cacchione is a Junior in the GW School of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. He is also double minoring in Spanish and Philosophy, and completing University Honors Program coursework! He is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia (the Pennsylvania side), and is an avid Philadelphia Phillies fan! If you see him around campus make sure to ask him about his love of Disney World and Sports Memorabilia :)

Favorite UHP memory: I took Origins & Evolution of Modern Thought with Professor Eyal Aviv, and he took our class to a yoga studio where we practiced meditation techniques, which at the time we were learning about via the writings of Santideva. I would highly recommend taking any of his classes - I’ve taken 3 now with UHP and one through the philosophy department with him and I’ve never been more engaged and excited to go to class!