Grace Warrick


Bachelor of Arts 2011, International Affairs & International Economics

Grace started at Charles Schwab in San Francisco five years ago as an entry-level client service and operations professional. She also worked three years in Investor Relations and two years as Chief of Staff to the head of institutional business, Charles Schwab Advisor Services. Before working at Schwab she worked for UNIQLO, an Asian retail giant that's been in the midst of global expansion for several years now.


What excites you about the work you do? Sometimes people are surprised to encounter an International Affairs BA in finance. But I've come to learn, and now explain many times, that International Affairs (with a minor in Econ) prepares you so well to deal with the cause-and-effect world of business. It prepares you to think strategically about what you say and do... to be in a room of high-powered executives (you're down the street from the White House and Treasury after all)... and to understand the impact of global affairs on your industry. So I do feel that I'm living all of that although I don't work in public policy etc.

What is the most significant career experience you've had so far, and what made it meaningful to you? Perhaps it was the first time someone proactively tapped me on the shoulder for a new role at Schwab. I was surprised and honored, and that role opened up a multitude of new opportunities for me. We hadn't even worked together a ton, but people form impressions and come to know your brand, even from afar.

How did GWU and the UHP prepare you for your professional journey? In what ways has your career evolved since you graduated from GWU? Aside from the obvious, I think professionalism and constant awareness of the world around you are emphasized at GWU and serve us well in our futures

Advice for current UHP students: Securing your first job is the hardest, it all gets easier from there. Don't take it personally. Everything you've done up to this point WILL serve you, it just might not feel like it in the initial hiring process. In my case, I long desired to work in global or domestic finance, but when I graduated from GW in 2011, that industry was largely frozen from hiring due to the Euro crisis and market downturn. After dozens and dozens of rejections, I encountered UNIQLO through campus recruiting and decided to make my start there. It was a great experience and eventually I was able to pivot. So keep the faith... your first step is never your last step.

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