Brittney Ho

Peer Advisor Leader
[email protected]

About Me: Hey, all! My name is Brittney Ho. I'm a junior in the School of Media and Public Affairs studying Journalism and Mass Communication (#SMPA proud!) with a minor in Communication. I grew up in suburban Freehold, NJ, so, yes, please direct all questions about beaches, Jersey Shore, and pizza my way! At GW, I'm involved with Balance, which is our dance team of all genres, putting me at my 14th year dancing. I'm also an ambassador for SMPA, so I help represent all the exciting journalism and broadcast opportunities we are lucky enough to have in DC. When I'm not working or reading at one of DC's million coffee shops, catch me checking out local museums, trying out new restaurants (I am definitely a foodie, I love to bake and cook!), or watching TV/movies (no, I don't watch Game of Thrones, so don't ask). 

With the UHP, I am a leader and peer advisor, so please turn to me for any questions you might have at all about this wonderful community. My best friends, closest mentors, and most exciting opportunities came as a result of the UHP. 

Favorite Memory: My favorite memories at GW aren't the glitzy galas or midnight monument runs. Even though those are fun, nothing beats sitting around with a group of curious, like-minded, but still diverse, honors kids talking, laughing, and debating into the middle of the night!