Kyla Percival

Peer Advisor Leader
[email protected]

About Me: My name is Kyla Percival and I am a rising senior at GW. I hail from the reading capital of the world, beautiful and illustrious Tifton, Georgia. I’m majoring in International Affairs and Judaic Studies. In my free time, I enjoy attending Supreme Court hearings, reading at the Lincoln Memorial and excitedly pointing out settings of NCIS episodes throughout the city. I serve on the Executive Boards of the D.C. Federation of College Republicans and the GW Bipartisan Women’s Supper Club. I am proud to serve as a peer advisor because I am deeply committed to promoting the sense of camaraderie and community provided by the University Honors Program. The Honors Program has been an integral part of my GW experience and has gifted me with many of my most cherished friendships and memories. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about scheduling, life at GW, time management, internships or if you just want to chat. I’m always available to talk Natalie Portman movies, current events, Supreme Court cases, SNL sketches or whatever else your heart desires. I can also give you a definitive list of the best grilled cheese and mac and cheese dishes in the District. I’m looking forward to another awesome year with the UHP family!