Hannah Delvecchio

Peer Advisor
[email protected]

About Me: Hi, I’m Hannah! I grew up in the small coastal town of Duxbury, Massachusetts and spent nearly every waking hour of my childhood either on the beach or wishing I was on the beach. Here at GW I plan on doubling majoring in anthropology and women’s studies, while also pursuing a minor in music. In addition, I am a part of several groups and clubs on campus including the Wind Ensemble, Club Equestrian Team, and GW Feminist Student Union. Outside of formal and academic pursuits, I am also a big fan of gardening, running, photography, and marathoning The Simpsons. 

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of GW thus far has been of getting to meet Gianandrea Noseda, the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, and hear his philosophy on the role of music in storytelling. To him, a life well-lived is one lived in constant awe of the beauty around us.