Faculty Resources

For Honors Program Faculty and Staff Use

Please use the forms below as needed. The links will always point you to the most current version of the forms.

If you are concerned about a student's well-being, please use the CARE Network Report to anonymously report your concern to a qualified professional.

Faculty Guide

All faculty teaching for the University Honors Program are expected to have read and fully understand the faculty guide (PDF).

Printing, Copying, and PDFs

Copy Request Form (pdf)
All PDF and large copy requests must be submitted to the Mount Vernon office.

Please submit one form per request to make sure that you job gets done properly.

Professor on the Town Events

Use the following forms to complete both steps required for a Professor on the Town event. Please pay attention to any due dates to allow appropriate processing time. Requests for the semester must be submitted to the Honors office 10 business days before the last day of classes.

Step 1: Get it Approved

Complete the Event Approval Request Form (pdf)

Every event requires this form. Complete this form for all events before announcing your intention to students. This form must be completed and approved before you submit a Purchase Request Form, and it must be completed and approved before you submit a Reimbursement Request form.

Step 2: Get it Paid For

Before the event:

Complete the Purchase Request Form (pdf)

Fully complete this form and submit it to the Honors Program office either digitally or physically to request that a purchase be made with a P-Card. You must include the names of all students on this form. You must have previously submitted and had approved an Event Approval Request Form.

After the event:

Complete the Reimbursement Request Form (pdf)

You must use the GW iBuy expense reporting system to submit your form. It requires the employee to enter all information for him/herself. Log in with your NET ID and password, and follow the simple steps to upload your receipts and submit your request. When you submit for approval, make sure to send it to Eydie Costantino ([email protected]); she willl perform the budget check and send on to Maria Frawley before it gets routed to the system for final payment. This system for reimbursements takes less time since it is all via an electronic system.