Faculty Fellows

The Office of the Provost provides fellowship opportunities to faculty from all parts of the George Washington University.  

Each year, up to four faculty are selected as Honors Program Faculty Fellows.


2019-20 Faculty Fellows

Ryan Engstrom, Geography: "Geospatial for Good" Spring 2020 course

Arun Malik, Economics: "Natural Resources and Environmental Economics" (Econ 2136) Fall 2019 course

Philip Wirtz, School of Business: "Data Science, Predictive Analytics and Ethics" Fall 2019 course


Fellowships occur concurrently with a sabbatical year. Faculty Fellows contribute to the academic life on the Mount Vernon campus, where they spend one semester teaching an Honors course related to their research topic.  

The call for applications and guidelines for submission are announced each year by the Director of the Honors Program. Interested faculty can also contact the Honors Program for more information.