Current GW Student Application

Apply to Honors as a GW Freshman

Current students at the George Washington University who wish to apply to the University Honors Program must be in the second semester of their freshman year (rising sophomores).

Before You Apply

Familiarize yourself with the Honors Program mission and curriculum. There are no minimum requirements to apply, but you should be aware that the Honors Program requires all students to maintain a GPA sufficient to graduate with a 3.0. Additionally, any student accepted will be required to enroll in a special course, Enlightenment: East & West, for the fall semester in addition to meeting other program requirements. You'll find more information about this course on the application itself.

How To Apply

Applications are available early in the spring semester of each year. When complete, return the application to the Honors Program office at 714 21st Street, NW. Please contact us with any questions.

The deadline for current students to apply has passed for Fall 2018. Students interested in applying for Fall 2019 can sign up here for an email notification when the application becomes available.